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Best heat gun


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I have 2 steinel ,one digital is bout $300  and one  regular. One was down after 6 months. It died suddenly.probably somewhere in the switch . I bought a new Milwaukee. Fall in love with that. Light weigh, heat up very fast. Nothing can beat that. I have it for bout 6 months now. Still look solid. Hope it has a long life. 




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I have a SnapOn one that's probably 3-4 years old now.  I think it's a Steinel, but I don't know for sure.  I did find that letting it cool down a maybe 30 seconds has really prolonged the life of most of my heat guns.  This SnapOn one though, I've dropped it too many times and it still keep ticking.  I've been super surprised.


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On 2/11/2019 at 5:39 AM, redneckj said:

That is an awesome story.  Most tinters think the hotter the better when it comes to heat guns.  IMHO that is not true.  Yes, the gun needs to be hot but more important is the CFM that the heat gun produces.  The "roofing" 220 volt heat guns doesn't  get any hotter than a $20 wagner heat gun but they blow A LOT more air.  I have seen a guy shrink a Camry back glass template in about 35 seconds with a roofing 220 volt heat gun.  


This is a great heat gun for the money.  13 CFM




This is also a good heat gun worktime.





Thank you, I liked the first option, maybe I'll buy it) 


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