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Illinois and Missouri Tinters, need advice

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hey guys, we need some advice on moving our shop out of state or not. We have two choices basically.

Choice 1: We are about 10 miles away from Missouri, where the tint laws are more "relaxed" but also enforced by law enforcement. There is more of a population, but we would have to lower our pricing a bit to compete with the other shops, which there are a lot of. So basically we are thinking we would have to "startover" on our company if we moved across river. We would have to go back into our building stage of our biz, since we would be in a new area and I am not sure how many of our customers would come across river. The biggest draws for us is that rent is more affordable, more population, hubby's kids are over there.

Choice 2: Stay in Illinois, move to a bigger shop up into a larger city. Not much competetion except for some mobile guys. Tint laws are not enforced at all in our area. We have been here for almost 8 years now, we would keep most of our customers, and gain a lot more. Rent is about double, and taxes are higher, and cost of living is going up. My family is over here, and most of our friends are from here as well. Biggest draws here are we are well-known and we have been here for 8 years.

So basically, is it worth it to "restart" across river or stick it out here and go bigger?

regardless, we will be moving to a larger building next year, and there are tons of attractive locations on both sides of the river.

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tiny town, shop is actually in South Roxana. We outgrew the shop years ago, we actually have a second garage we just work out of now as well as our shop with our office, and we borrow a larger garage from a buddy from time to time for the larger wrap installs. Regardless we have to move asap.

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I see shops in small towns making the most money. You might not be far enough out from the city.. Look around going east where you would be surrounded by small rural towns. You guys need space for all the different things you already have going but this would be my recommendation. Rent doubling just sucks, went through that several years ago!

Give it some thought


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