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Any Tips Appreciated!

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So I have a job comming up, 2013 BMW 335xi sport line. My customer wants to do the whole hood, not a partial like normal. I use Suntek's coated PPF, precut patterns using TruCut. I'm sure that we can do it, I would just like to see if there's any tips you PPF pro's could share.

I've used xpel gel before, but really didn't like it. If I tried to reposition after squeegeing out even the slightest it would leave lines under the film from where I pulled it back up to. So I mainly just use baby shampoo. About 2 small drops in a standard zep trigger spray bottle.

I was thinkning about using a slipperier solution (5 drops) for initial lay down, then flushing out around the edges with my normal solution mixture, or maybe a tackier solution.

Is this a reasonable approach?

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I have not done that yet. The company I buy from & my rep there aren't real big installers. There mostly just a distributor for Suntek film. I thought I'd come to where all the installers were first, & see if there's any tips that would help. I'm not new to PPF, just handling a piece of it that big.

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for the whole hood just use a little more soap like you said. you can use water with some rubbing alcohol to flush it out and get more of an instant tack. you might want to try just using a bulk sheet of material for doing the whole hood instead of plotter cutting it.

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Hi Mpameno,

Happy New Year.

well no matter what is the brand of the film,just don't try to install a pre-cut pattern.It makes your life harder. let me tel what I do here in Dubai.

1. Take few inches extra in the width most of the cars will be 180 cm, take 220 cm.

2. Use little more shampoo than normal installation.

3. Tack the extra film in the top rite fender, and pull the film and tack on the on the fender.

4. Tack in the rite bottem of the fender and pull the film to left and tack in the fender.

(make sure all the fingers are flat down,if the cars like Mercedes, having valleys still you will be having a chance of pull the film and tack on the headlamp)

5. now its the time to sqeez the water out,just spray little bit of alcohol in the edges and cut the exes film in the fenders and lights.and wrap after dries.

Hop it will help.


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