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Charging $350 for cutlass supreme! Too much?


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not high enough for me to want that car.....and I wouldn't be doing it in one piece either.....last one I got 300 for the back glass and windshield strip alone.....that was 5 years ago. I am just thankful that there are very few of those turds left around.

I was tinting the windows at a scrap yard and almost broke out into dance when I saw one of those coming in on a trailer to be scrapped!! Another one gone!

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Way harder than the old school Saturn IMO. I charge around the same price, then give a discounted price for just the doors. There are a few running around my town without the back window done. It seems people get a deal when purchasing the car, then nearly faint when they realize how much it is to have it tinted.

*edit-in 17 years I've only ever gotten one in one piece. Won't bother doing it again.

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