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Anyone ever bought anything from Alsa Corp in California?

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Looking for anyone having experience with this place.

Ordered my material on Nov. 16th,2012.

As of today, I have not received, them.

Had them track package. They say 1st package went to wrong address in another state

due to zip code only being incorrect.

Said they send replacement supplies out via FedEx on Monday of this week.

Today was Friday and no package.

Now they say they will overnight yet another package, due to arrive this coming Monday or Tuez....

Geez.. Not good for my 1st order from them....

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I have never bought from Alsa but

just want to add this.... I did my blazer custom painting and found a company that has been great. If you are looking for custom paint products check them out.

www.thecoatingstore.com great prices and the product has been great for me.....

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