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Guest allanm

ford explorer factory remote starter problems

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Guest allanm

hello: I have an 03 explorer that came with the factory remote starter.

I have had a few problems with it. (I think) perhaps someone can help

I usually do not use the remote starter , but once in a while I do.

I had problems last summer, the car would not turn over with the remote or with the key.. that battery was fine.

I unhooked the battery and let the computer loose its memory.. rehooked it up and still nothing. then my friend who had had similar problems locked the doors, opened the doors, locked them again and opened, put the key in and away it went.

I have had to do this procedure a few times in the last 6 months.

I had not used the car since Dec 7 and last saturday (jan 12) I went to start it but the battery was low so I had to boost it.. no problem and away I went

came home and on sunday nothing would happen.

I tried the door lock trick but no go

I unhooked the battery and rehooked and still no go

I wiggled the steering wheel nothing

I put it into neutral and wiggled and nothing

I played with the hook sensor pin but nothing.

(this was all with the key)

I went into the house and got my remote starter button and tried it.. something clicked

and a few seconds later is turned over and fired.

so my question is : why will the key not turn it over.

I do not use the remote because I have a feeling that once it is used the battery runs down.. so I will check the voltage tonight and if the batteryu is dropping I will disconnect it and reconnect and put the remote starter key fob away.

can I just disable the remote? are there fuses somewhere that I can just pull out.

I would rather have a engine that will strat with a key than be stuck in the cold waiting for a tow truck.

thanks in advance

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Might have something to do with the coded key, but since it is a factory system, the only way to find out for sure is to bite the bullet and go to the Ford dealership. :twocents

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I dont remember their being a factory remote starter option for an 03 explorer. what you probably have is a aftermarket remote starter system with ford logos on the remote. its installed at the dealer not the factory. what happens to the "theft" light when the vehicle wont start with the key? does it flash or stay on solid? your better off taking it to a stereo shop that installs remote starters than the dealer.

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