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Using white frost film for rear projection on a store front?


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I have a long time customer and business owner that put a projector in to display on the front window of the store, The problem is I did one on there other store and the window was much smaller and worked great. This new store has a much larger window and projection film is crazy expensive so I am going to try it tomorrow afternoon, I will let you know the results.

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We were on a deco job last spring where the contractor asked if we could install a 60x36" piece for them. If I remember correctly it was $a 800.00 piece of film. ( bend over now ) they got absolutely boned.

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Not sure whos rear projection film you are using. Reading the 3M info available regarding its construction gives you an idea of why it costs so  much.


I've seen Dusted Crystal or Avery etchmark was used on a storefront for similar purposes


Sorry no video of the site just the still.



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