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Aussie Tinter looking for work

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Hi guys,


I'm a 31 year old male Aussie tinter that has been tinting for almost 10 years now and is looking for a new challenge and change.

I am looking to migrate for work in Canada or the States.


My tinting skills are as followed,

Rear screens are done in one piece with side windows taken all the way flush to the top of the glass. Have worked on many brands of tints like Llumar, Sunguard, SunX, ASWF, 3M, Madico and Suntek. I have also worked on may types of cars starting from basic every day car to your more prestige and high end cars. 


Please feel free to contact me for more info. Plenty of references about my work and quality 


Thank John

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Unfortunately no as I haven't quite worked out how to get a visa and if I'm eligible for one... 


Did you ever relocate to the States? We need a tinter here in Arizona, lots of sunny days and every car gets tint here!

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