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Tinting rear crew cab silverado windows (07-13)


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I'm glad JH cleared up which window.. I thought you were talking about the back glass. :? You're on the roll-downs.

Yeah let's hear what the problem is, and your method of cutting.

They are a little odd, the front edge of the glass is only about a half inch into the front seal, and the back goes way deep into the seal and shows when it rolls down. Part of the trick will be only hiding a little bit of the film in the front edge so it doesn't fall of the glass, and allow for sliding it forward even more on install to make the back edge line up. And when you trim the top edge, you have to roll down the window a little more than normal and trim as far down the back curve as you can.

If it's really a challenge, I would recommend pulling one panel, (2 screws and it lifts off) drop the whole piece of film in, that way when you have the perfect cut, you can save the liner or transfer it onto a piece of waste film and keep the pattern. :thumb:twocents

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I'm going to try and explain the best I can on where I have some problems. I have a small problem with the curve on the bottom corner of the window. I also have troubles cutting the edges/top of the window because when you roll the window halfway down it exposes more of the window. It's really hard for me to explain, I will see if I can't google some pictures and try and pin point.


Thanks for the tips so far guys!

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Im aware of the curve at the bottom. I usually don't cut anything off there, it's wide open and pretty straight on the inside, it just has additional trim hiding part of the window on the outside. So just ignore it.

Kind of need to know how you cut roll-downs in the first place, because there are so many different methods that different guys will explain how to do it based on their method, and might confuse you or be irrelevant.

I would love to post a video but don't have one of them sitting around right now. You could try sharpie the liner down the back side, bottom portion of the window, right about where you want to cut at the bottom, or even right at the trim ..once you've marked it, pull the film out from the bottom seal, and roll down about half way, then cut the top and as far down the back side as possible. Then take to the table and finish your cuts based on the sharpie marks and the angle of what you've already cut, you can judge where the film needs to be cut. The key here is just ignore the bottom curve.

And similar to what JH said about trimming off a little extra at the back, I trim off a little extra at the top front curve instead, then just slide the film forward a tad on install.

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The method I normally use is line the film up with bottom gasket, cut one sides edge, slide it over 1/4", cut the other side edge, slide it back over 1/8" or so, soft squegee to hold in place, and then roll down window couple of inches and cut my top edge. Then I trim corners and make it look nice. This makes it difficult on these silverado's because of the way the sides are exposed as the windows roll down further.

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Ok you are very similar to my method. But on this one, you will only cut the front edge and position it with your front overlap. Just barely overlapping, because you will likely slide it forward even more on install. You will need to make sure there is plenty of excess film on the back edge because it hides a good inch of glass. Mark with a sharpie the bottom lower edge about where you expect it to be but don't cut it. Roll down the window more than normal, where you can cut across the top and at least half way down the back. Then take it to the table to finish up your back cut. Cut a little extra off your front radius because when you install it and drop it a 1/16" or 1/8", you will also need to slide it forward the same amount. Once you do a few it will get easy and make sense.

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I actually do the front windows on this generation similar. All the way back to the 99 models. The back edge of the front windows starts to show when the window is rolled halfway down. So when I cut my front, shift it, when I go to cut the back I only cut about an inch or two up from the bottom on the back edge. Then shift it back so that your bottom inch or two of cut is overlapping the seal. Remember that it might slide forward a little bit on install so you want to be sure there's a little bit of extra overlap. Then I roll down the window about halfway or so, cut across the top and down the back edge as far as I can. Then I take it that the table and connect the top cut to the bottom cut. And since you are slicing right along the edge of the glass, when you install it you will slide it forward just a hair or your back edge might fall off the glass.

There are probably instructions similar to this in the vehicles specific forums. Have you checked there?

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just cut it how you normally would but don't cut where the trim curves. take film to peel board. line up edges that where cut with a ruler then cut excess off. theres your straight edge

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