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My Solar FX winnings in July


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I owe tintdude.com and Shawn some pics of the July winnings,  I guess you could say I move in Old Man Mode as opposed to Lock who had pics up within hours!  hahah  What Can I say I have been busy and that's our goal as tinters right??








I tinted my mothers brand new 2014 Charger with the 35% Ultra Series Film from Solar FX,  I used my moms car strategically so I could check back frequently with how the film cured.   


The Solar FX film is a bit thicker than the Johnson's Renegade which I currently use.  I did pull the sweeps on the Charger to drop the film in nice and easy although I typically do not, when shrinking any small little pop ups on the sides it shrunk great and stayed down unlike Renegade (I do not snap shrink)  This film seems to have a stronger adhesive and tack up quickly.  


The large rear Charger window seem to shrink great up till the last few inches at the very top which would be equivalent to the Renegade.  On a Charger both seem to "Bunch" up at the very very top just a bit.  With Solar unlike Renegade you can lift the film up, hit it with some heat and the film corrected back to factory shape in a sense which Renegade does not do which is a added bonus! 


I installed the rear in a "S" method and it went smoothly... I noticed less water remaining in the Solar as opposed to the Renegade when finished with the job,  My mom loves the look and claims that it cuts the heat greatly in her car.


As for the Soundstream speaker tower......yeah that thing kicks some a$$!  I honestly don't want to take it to my tint shop because I think it is a nice addition to my home. 


Thank you Ric and Shawn aka TintDude and WhiteHog!!

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TO, it is never too late to share your experiences with a product. I really appreciate that you used this on your mom's car so you can check on the film after the install. Thank you for taking the time to really give the film a good test prior to leaving a review. What you have found in the work ability of our film seems to be the major consensus from our customers. I am glad that you have really enjoyed the SoundStream speaker system. I like it so much myself that I am using one at my house also! 


For anyone that is interested in getting one of the SoundStream bluetooth stereo systems let me know. I think we are down to like 60 left in inventory. I will offer these to TintDude members for $99.99 plus shipping & handling. Believe me when I say they are well worth the $99.99! Either PM me or call me at 800-825-3746 to get one. I think that TTS wanted to get one so give me a call.


Thank you again TO for taking the time to try our film and leave a review!!



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