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1988 Trans Am GTA ..... Help...........!!!


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I own a 1988 Trans AM that I am going to tint soon, I have not tinted an auto in many many years.


I have never use heat to shrink auto film before........... :embar , I stopped tinting autos right before that.


So, if any of you pros can give me any tips on the back glass, I would appreciate any advice.


The film I will use is the 40" roll of EWF film that I had won in the raffle.







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Mike, I have done hundreds of those. The first one was the same color combo as yours and I did it in TA81 lol. If you have a defrost, do it in 2 pcs with a defrost splice. If you don't have a defroster, it is more a matter of stretching the film and not shrinking it. The only tricky part is the corners at the deck lid area. Similar to a Tbird of that era.

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You wont need to heat that one Mike, just move any excess toward the top, you can work those fingers once installed. The bottom corners can be a little tricky, the fingers will be C shaped with the back of the C toward the corner, you'll have to finesse those down. Depending on your film it shouldn't be too hard.


It will be much easier if you take the window off the car, it's not that difficult, but you may need a second pair of hands briefly.


If it has defroster lines it's going to be a bit harder. The defroster line sides have braided wire soldered all the way along the side and the solder comes right to the edge of the orange, so your film is going to have to be trimmed a little here and there to lay down. You can run a bit of black paint in that area behind the braided area once done.

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Thanks, Tom and Ric,


I do remember the bottom corners popping up off the glass also on the Chevy Berettas as well, if I remember correctly I did the back glass in 2 pieces back then on the trans am and the Camaro, I do have a defroster, sounds like a good idea on the paint Ric, I think I will use Matt Black vinyl, 3M of course.......  :spit

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last one I did a couple years ago I got a "glass primer" paint and masked off about 1/8" on the inside of the defroster braid and then painted the whole sides. 


The film will lay down flat without shrinking the bottom on those and the top may have a few very small fingers.  Very simple shrink on this car.  Lay it down on the glass outside WET....Just lead it down with your hand and card it.  Run across the horizontal line out and then work it down flat...

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I just knocked one of these out earlier this year, It was my first bout with one of these and I did the lift and pull shrink and fought with the defroster lines after the fact to get a nice clean cut look.  I used black vinyl on the outside 1" or so of the defroster but I like the idea someone stated above about painting 1/8" before tinting so you can lay your tint on top of it and it wouldn't be visible!   I will see if I can round up a pic or 2

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