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windows8 running windows 7 software?


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 I have all kinds of windows 7 / XP software and I purchased a new computer that has windows 8 loaded on it. The question is can I use a emulator or is the only option having a dual boot on either windows 7 and 8? I have adobe and lxi 7.5 with a dongle key and would like to use it on windows 8. I am thinking that I will be stuck buying a the newest version of a cutter software like adobe10.  which means I'm thinking of selling the XP/win7 LXI with dongle.


info on adobe illustrator verse flexi or any other cutting software?


would like to see pictures and screen shots of different software "please feel free to post pics of your cutting software"



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I've run an XP virtual box on Win 7. You may be able to run XP  following instructions here:




On a side note I don't see any reason you cant reinstall Win 7 and your older programs on your new machine and keep the win 8 key for future use.


With Solid state drives being around 100 buks for a 240 gig having a dual boot would only be a PITA at setup

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