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2014 Ram 1500 SG HP Supreme good factory match?

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Just as title states, I just bought a new ram with factory tinted rears. I took to a tinter who has never failed me in the past and asked him to match the rears.

He choose Solargard HP Supreme 16% to match the rears.

Well, the fronts have more of a slightly shinny bluish grey tint to the outside than the rears, and from the inside the color is WAY warmer (brown) than the rears which is cooler (bluish).

My questions:

1. Is HP supreme considered a good factory match tint by you pros?

2. Would you have considered it here to match?

3. Is there a better (perhaps dyed) SG alternative?

Or is my guy WAY off here with is choice?

Thanks in advance pros.

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I also have a 2014 Ram, I live in OH where the Tint law is 50% on the front.  Is  OH big on  the tint laws?  I think Sun Teck carbon 18 would be the best match but will a 35 match color wise? I know it will be lighter but maybe less chance of being hasseled.  I don't think 50% would be worth it at least looks wise.

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Ive tried Johnson Renegade 20, Global QDP 20, Suntek Carbon 18 and 25, and a couple others including Llumar ATR an CTX. ,I can assure you that out of these, Llumar ATC20 is the closest. the rears metered 20 and the front metered bouncing back and forth between 20/21. The color is ever so slightly more green. Renegade and Carbon was very green. Global was a little brown and darker.

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