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How much tint would you guestimate?


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Have to do a scooby forester 2014 model. Can anyone tell me how much I would need off a 60" to do it? I'm so not used to buying lineal metres for auto but as it's mmm crystalline and I'm not going to sell a stack of that to the local "darker than legal" bogans I certainly don't want to invest in a full roll!!

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Hey JJ,

I just cut 1 out tonight.

You will only need 1.6 lm.

The rear is around 18" high x 1.3m in length, the sides are also around 18" high, but around 1.4  in length.

The offcuts will cover the front quarters and the rear cargo window.

Nice easy car to do, but the front quarters are a bit of a pain to get perfect.


I think they will make you buy 2 metres either way.

I am more than happy to post you a set off backing sheet templates if need be.

Hope this helps.

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Great, thanks heaps you guys! Wow good timing GTS :) thanks for the offer of the templates mate, we will be right though! I'm guessing you already have a fair bit on your plate without posting me out the backing sheets!! Testiment to the gent you are though!

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