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Question about Xfinity X1 box...


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I don't have cable TV at home... just internet.


The house I'm at currently has Xfinity X1.. and I'm trying to watch a show from Monday nite - MasterChef. I can't get it, or any VOD programs, to play.


I've never used the X1 before... so either something is wrong with their service, or I'm just not understanding how to get it to work, which IMO would be a design flaw since it just shouldn't be this hard. lol


This is the screen I see... with no options to PLAY.


Any ideas?




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of possible help...   




(I have xfinity but not x1, so no direct experience myself)



My wife & I watch Masterchef every week.   She hates Courtney.    :lol

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Thanks. From what I've been able to find, it's a common bug with the system... and I need to contact them so they can do something to the box.. remotely, but I'd still need their account info and everything, which I don't have, and it's a big enough deal to try and get.


I'll just catch up when I am back at my place.


I don't really have any favs.. I just find it cool watching them make these dishes in such a short period of time. :)


I was totally blown away when they had the kids on... 12 yr olds cooking circles around me. lol

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