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Tint Wife

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OK so I have to ask.... What do you guys think about the 9yr old and the Uzi that was in the news this week. Such a sad situation, but it leaves me with questions.

I know I'm probably opening a can of worms, but this is a topic that we non-carrying countries struggle with at the best of times.

I appreciate that you guys live with an open gun policy. I appreciate that in living with such a policy that yes children do need to be taught how to safely handle a gun. I don't know that I agree with children as young as 9 being taught this, but that's not what bothers me most. What gets to me, is WHY does a 9yr old need to handle an Uzi? Maybe I'm being naive, but why would any parent want their child to handle that caliber of weapon?

And then there's the instructor who positions himself wrong and doesn't have his hands over the child's to account for the recoil. I don't even live with guns and even I can see that that's something that should have been done.


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I don't know if you have ever shot a light weight full auto handgun or Uzi type weapon.. They are extremely hard to control even for a grown adult much less a child....

IMO the instructor should have known better than to let a child try and control such a weapon......

That being said I am very pro that everyone become familiar with firearms starting at a young age... Proper education is what people need to properly respect and safely handle if they should choose to :twocents

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The closest I've gotten to a gun ( apart from walking in on an armed hold up) is paintball, but I understand the physics of that type of weapon so I totally get the difficulty to control it.


I agree with on the instructor, but before the instructor comes the parents  and I'm back to my why???


I completely agree with your last statement TTS, but I think there are a large range of firearms and I question the appropriateness of this particular choice.

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I agree whole heartedly ! Of all the 1000's of choices to learn with... A grease gun is NOT for learning on....

Lots of poor decisions on the adults parts.... Now the poor girl has to live with killing a man at only 9 years old... Tragic to say the least

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This whole affair is ridiculous. I can totally understand teaching a minor to "respect" firearms. However, shooting an Uzi with such careless disregard for safety is beyond Me. And now the dead mans family comes out and says they "forgive" the girl. Forgive? Not one ounce of this tragedy was her fault. Forgive her parents, forgive the gun range, forgive the INSTRUCTOR...... maybe. But, don't blame this on a 9 year old child.

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I blame the parents then the instructor for this happening. First off, a fully auto weapon is not a weapon you should want your child to learn to shoot. Secondly, that instructor should have known better. It's obvious in the video that the little girl was uncomfortable with holding the weapon let alone firing it on full auto. This little girl has a long road to recovery, God bless her.

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