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Congrats TE for getting the win!!






I'll let Ric set the time for this one. :)




Anyone watch "Kitchen Nightmares"? I was watching an episode on cable... from 4 or 5 yrs ago so I googled around to see if they were still open. They aren't... many of the restaurants Gordon has tried to help are now closed... something like 75% I think...


Some of the comments are very negative towards the show saying the show was the reason for the place closing..


Which I have to wonder if that's true. Most if not all of the places he tries to help are in serious debt... like $500k and above.. It's almost like - too little too late... when things are that bad, to be able to come back from a hole that deep..



I don't even understand how a business can operate that far in the red. How do they pay for supplies? payroll? utilities?  I know the govt can operate forever in the red.. they just print more money. But a business.... how can they operate that far in debt? Do their creditors just continue to accept IOUs?

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I've seen the show, and I personally think the restaurant is already dead in the water and the show is quite possibly the last resort to save it. As far as operating in the red, there are so many different financing options available to existing businesses that the owners can take advantage or use and stay open at least 5 good years. I've witnessed it once or twice.

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