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2-3k investment


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Looking for some help. If you were to invest 2-3k to your current business, where would you do it? Here are my thoughts.

Plotter/computer cut program (I have zero experience with this)

Paint protection training (zero experience)

Of course keep it in the bank

I've already increased my advertising

Any input would be great. Thank you and Happy Labor Day...

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Plotter saves a lot of time but you want to buy  a good size plotter at least a 40''.    the only down side I see with this is that you have to pay about $120 a month for the service, But this wil expand your bussiness, Tint, Paint protection paterns, Decals and logos.Over all it payis for it self.

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You could get an opinion form every member here, but that's not going to tell you the best avenue for your 2-3K because none of us know YOUR business.


I will say that a plotter is a good addition to a tint business... If you're going to use it. Decals and logos are good work that isn't seasonal and pay well.


And training is worth nothing if you don't have a market for the skills or if you can't develop that market.



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i would say to get a plotter. thats what i want to get next.....with a vinyl plotter you would not even have to be good at it at first to make simple signs for people (and youself) and still get paid. 

i would definetly not spend it on advertising....that does not garentee a positive return....it probably will, but id invest in more equipment.


i decided to take the plunge and recently bought a quality set of PDR tools.  theres very very low overhead in that trade and would be great to do for people and on your own cars.....and the results look like magic.  it pays well also. as long as you get around the learning curve

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