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Mostly every one I assume buy their Films at the main source. What are the risks of buying film at  other retaillers  for instace there are some websites that  sale Solar Guard, Sun Teck and other brands, also Ebay which is  a big NO I  don't know the reasons, but I follow advice of other people more experienced than me. Is there a significant cost difference?. I hear a lot that if you want to buy Llulu  they ask for an up front investment, and won't sale to every one same with 3M. Is there any other way around to get their product other than the main distributor , or other band that matches this films to avoid the headache.. Reason of this is because there is a brand name culture among customers although there are some excellent film options   like,  EWF, Flex, Valliant . And of course a big difference on cost. Some people only go by the brand name .



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Many times buying from those sites will not provide you with a warranty... which means if you want to give your customers a warranty, you would have to back it. 


And then of course there is always the possibility of being sold junk film and not what you thought you would be getting.... 

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Roach makes a very good point concerning the difference between film warranties.  Some films carry a nationwide manufactured warranty and other films carry a distributors warranty.  There are differences in the manufactures warranties as well.  The larger manufactures have market size and corporate assets to back their warranties and other manufacturers (and I used that term loosely) have less staying power.  So know who has your back.

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