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Need help on Washington legal


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Have a customer here that is moving to Washington. The law states 24% all. Global QDP 30% meters at 22% and 40% meters at 28%. He wants the darkest he can go with. My question is, do they have the 3% plus/minus rule in Washington? Also it says they require a sticker between the film and glass. Will he have a problem if it is not under the film? As we in Utah obviously don't have those stickers. Thanks Guys

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So you actually put a meter on the glass with the forty and it read 28?

Yes sir.

Assuming the customer values TSER performance (and you have it on-hand) QDP Ceramic 38 could be a winner. :cool

That would be great.???? I have the QDP ceramic but not 38. Plus the car was from the Lexus dealer so no extra money would be thrown my way.

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