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wing mirrors

Guest vskinz

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Wing mirrors that are untreated ie not colour coded to the car just black plastic. Do i again wrap straight on it or do i need to glue on it?

Its the same material that some cars have ie inserts in the doors and non painted bumpers.

A few people are asking and i dont have the knowledge if i should do it. I can wrap no bother just only done it on colour coded cars never ones with the same material as inside the car ie centre console.

Hope this makes sense.

Thank you all

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Seems like an odd mirror, cant say I have come across one.


As you know vehicle wrap is manufactured for OEM factory paint. There are never any guarantees on any other surface, having said that it is obviously used for many a different surface.


I would recommend doing a simple adhesion test, get them round, put a small piece of vinyl on the area and then take it off to see how well it tacked. Do the same on the paint and see if there is a major difference. We do adhesion tests all the time. The problem can be that some plastics have a coating on them that vinyl doesn't like, they put the coating on for ease of cleaning (mud, bugs etc)

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Guest angelsautotint

Be careful on textured plastic, it may show through.(trucks and large SUV's). If the plastic is smooth and the finish seems glossy its usually not a problem but make sure you pre and post heat to get the best adhesion.

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