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2014 Toyota headlights, or headlights film won't stick to?

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Did a 2014 Toyota Highlander today. Tried installing two different brands of film on the headlights. Tried cleaning them with everything under the sun. Tried 3 different slip agents (soap) and even tried just alcohol and water and even just water and just alcohol. Even tried clay bar on them with no gain. Film would just slide all over and even after heated with heat gun would just short of fall off. This is about the 3rd new vehicle this year I have come across that had a coating than film wouldn't stick to. Been installing ppf for over 15 years, so no noob here.

Anyone else?

Figured some car manufacturers are trying some new coatings on their headlights to cure the yellowing issues.

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Once you get soap on the adhesive, you'll have a really tough time getting ppf to stick to some headlights.  Even if you flush it with alcohol.  Stick with a alcohol water mix only if you are going to use ppf.  If you still have trouble, use headlight film, like Zues said.

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Some lights are very tricky. Automakers just use a clear coat on headlights that's very thin. So alcohol and water and patience is how to get around that.


Jeff some of the headlight film out there is entirely too thick and the adhesive is VERY strong. In fact I have seen it pull the clear coat off of lights often so I don't touch it anymore. Love the Lightning bolt comment by the way   :thumb

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 Love the Lightning bolt comment by the way   :thumb






Even with alcohol and water I try to stay away from headlights...unless a customer really want's them done, even then I will tell them the product may not want to stick. Even if the product does stick it may come off in a simple automatic car wash. Seen it happen many times.

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I use 3M headlamp-specific film, and strongly agree to avoid using anything but alcohol/water combo for install. The film is good and rubbery during install, which allows for more comprehensive coverage than some of the thicker headlamp films out there.

Saw a Ferrari 612 Scag the other day with thick film that had bubbles all through it. It's been cooked! Thankfully for whoever installed it, the lens integrity didn't look compromised.

Regarding your original post, did you use a wax and grease remover of any kind? What was the prep before install?

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