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Successful installs with Pro Series?

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How many people have actually installed the Pro Series with success? I've heard a lot of detractors, but in my brief experience with it, I found it a helluva lot easier to install than 848. I'm starting to field customer inquiries about it, so I'd like to know what I can ahead of actually installing it for paying clientele.

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Interesting information.   I had a rep come to drop off the sample roll of Pro yesterday and mentioned they are coming out with a revision of Pro since they realized the film has adhesive issues.  A few weeks back I installed some pro on the 3M rep's hood and it looked terrible - had adhesive lines were the squeegee strokes were.  I asked for him to stop by the next few days so I can see if they disappeared...They did not.   Anyways.....They will fix the issues I am sure...Just like when XPEL was developing their films their were growing pains.   Time will tell.  

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