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Evansville Pro Window Tinting and lil Details


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Hey,  I wanted to say thank you again to Tintdude for this forum.  I have connected up with Chad from Evansville because of this site.  There have been a good number of people that I am networked with because of Tintdude.


Two weeks ago I had the chance to give an estimate to someone over Chad's way.  It was a whole house with 54 pieces of glass and 440 sqft of film.  I knew it would have been a very long day by myself and I asked Chad if he would want to come along.  He agreed and I can say it would have been a VERY LONG day without his help.  I didn't get to have him install very many pieces of film.  There were metal tabs in almost every window from old lattice bars and every window needed scraped as they had just painted. 


Chad got ahead of me and kept ahead on prepping.  All I had to do what install film.  I cleaned ONE window as he was installing a few of the last pieces. 


He is someone who I would be happy to work along side any time.  He is truly a PRO tinter.


Thanks Tintdude and Chad.....

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