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Getting tired of this crap.....


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And probably any other news site....




I'm not in favor of more govt overreaching.... but 


The Atlanta company says its investigation is focused on the months since April.


 They need to do something about the incredibly long time before they come forward with the info. Since April?!? Seriously? That data is long gone and sold probably many times over. 

Going to talk to my bank tomorrow about it... probably get new cards again. (They were pretty pro-active with sending replacements after the Target thing....)

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It doesn't matter what the card is meant for, in terms of the store.  This happens all the time, and its very easy to do.  My bank card has been hacked 4 times, and so has my wifes.  Its the POS system that gets infiltrated, so its not just the home depot card, but other cards used during the purchase.


So, my advice?  Use a credit card for all purchases, not your debit, or use cash.  Cash is the safest, but using one credit card for all purchases is easy to dispute a charge and doesn't affect your cash flow.


Im a huge fan of Dave Ramsey, but sometimes using a credit card responsibly makes more sense if, and only if, you pay it off each month.  Cash is great too, but you could be robbed of it.

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Stopped by my bank today to see if they have plans to send out new debit cards yet... Said nothing has been decided as of now. I pretty much only use my debit card... Very seldom do I have cash on me.. And I Dont have an actual credit card. (But my bank is very good with fraudulent chares and refunds... Got the shirt on that once already)

On the radio today they were talking about all the breaches and everything... The main subject was about how the health system is trying to put everyone's records online digitally and how awesome that will be when hacked........

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I am typically a cash spender, I may use a card here and there although its rare when I am paying for something in person.


As far as EMR (Electronic Medical Records) I dont see what hacking will do for someone, I work a job as an RN as some of you know and I utilize EMR every time I work, Yes you could get the medical record number as well as a social security number, as of now there are no photos logged(ID photos) on to the computer like old medical paper charting.  I dont think the insurance crap is actually logged onto the computer. I just dont know what benefit someone would have over that info rather than going straight to someones credit card.  


But what can I say, I am no criminal!

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