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The Sims 4...


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Picked up the Sims4  the other day... I played SimCity many moons ago.. the first edition... maybe one or two after that, but nothing since. I wanted to play the new SimCity that was recently released, but it got whoreable reviews. 


One of the guys I follow on YouTube started showing off the Sims4, and it looked pretty good, so I figured I would give it a try. I have not played any other editions of The Sims... so I have nothing to compare it to... but it's not getting great reviews from fans of the Sims2 & 3 specifically.


I'm having fun with it... it's just kindof one of those "fun" type games... unlike something like CS or COD... It's not multiplayer but the computer AI for the NPC is actually pretty good.  I don't have a job yet for my Sim... unfortunately, window tinter is not an option. :(  (Although astronaut is - go figure. lol) 



Anyone else playing it?? 




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Is she playing the latest Sim City, or a previous version?


If the latest, how does she like it? 


I'm really digging The Sims 4. Trying to meet as many Sims as I can...


Was watching some YT vids.. you can actually build a space ship and blast off! I don't think you can control it, but you go up and return a min or two later. Pretty cool!!

(and you can join the mile high club it in too!! lol ) 

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