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automotive at home

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I've had a tint bay at a home location for 30 yrs. when done right . It can be professional (obviously or I would not have been able to make a career out of it all these years) . From day 1 though I've always had the proper insurance . You need liability for sure but also if something goes wrong like if a customer car catches fire , garage door drops suddenly on the car etc. your home owners insurance will not cover a dime.

Just a side note. business insurance is always cheaper with a detached garage / shop compared to an attached due to the event of fire , you don't damage your whole house necessarily .

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Was just wondering if by law Public liability is required in NSW when only doing a couple of cars a month at home.

All cars are delivered to me & picked up

The way you ask your question leaves me with a question of my own..... are you doing cashies on the side or do you have a registered business?


You've been offered wise words from all of the above, with the obvious exclusion of Thug. If you're in business, no matter which is your answer to my question, insurance is essential and honestly not that big an expense.


If you're not a registered business and worried about NSW law, I'd say you have other things you should be worried about also. :twocents

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