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I know...Another contamination question!!! Looking for adv


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Hello folks,


Here is my issue.  Have spent the past several hours reading over threads and looking for an answer before I post and get the tomato's thrown at me....BUT...unable to find an answer so here goes:


I have been at my shop for approximately 6 years and it is an older building that used to be a 2 bay garage with a 2/3 split wall in between the bays.  Since the buiding is older i try my best to keep it clean but you know how that is with shop door opening several times a day and dirt brought in by cars and the wind.   Anyways it seems over the past year or so I am plagued with contamination issues.  I consider myself a quality tinter(self taught) with quite a bit of experience but i dont know if I am just getting older and pickier or its something else.  I am noticing small contamination dots just randomly all over when i do roll up doors.  These are not concentrated like flowing from the seals or from the top of the window or the bottom seals.  For example I will do a roll up window and it will look perfect when it is first done.  Then I can(and I dont know how many of you have done this) start looking at it from different angles, usually down low looking up, and can notice with appears to be small contamination dots such as dust particles or something.  While the window is wet it looks fine, give the window a day or 2 to dry and will notice some very small bubbles in random places all over the window.  Most of them I can use a lil chisler and a towel and push down no problems after the window drys but I dont have that luxury when the custy picks the car up a couple of hours afterwards.   SOOOO...


Here is also a couple of key points Im sure will be asked so I will try to cover them:


1-In my shop I do have a window Air conditioner that I keep the filter cleaned on it constantly.  Also it is in the other bay so it is not blowing directly in my area.   I have also noticed the same thing even when the AC is not running so I dont think it is that.


2- My cleaning method is as follows.  I tape all seals, window is scrubpad cleaned, razor bladed then squeegied.  I use an Absorber shammy to clean my squeegie each swipe.  I wipe down the door panel with a microfiber cloth and wipe the top edge of the window with a clean low/no lint papertowel before install.  I do not wet my windows after clean, only use the water on the tint that is sprayed to mount it.  I dont not pull panels so I pull the lower edges in and leave the bottom of the liner on.  After i mount the top half I roll the window up and squeegie the section that was in the behind the seal.  I then pull my seal back with a tucking stick and squeegie with a black hardcard wrapped in a papertowel.


3-I dont have this issue with back glasses that I use the reverse roll method(So I am thinking it is not my water/slip solution.


4-The door(s) are never left open for air to blow in(dont have any windows).


5- I clean my cut table before each job(yes I use a table kind of built like a architect table) and rinse the floors out or a regular basis


What is you guys thoughts???  


I know the shop is older and dust gets in anywhere, I see it on things sitting around in my shop.


My thoughts were to try using an Air Purifier and see if this would help but was wondering if anyone else has ever used one of them to help out and do they work?


Sorry so long just wanted to make sure that you all knew I have read as much as I could and tried covering every base before asking for some advice.  I have been tinting for a long time and want to make sure the customer is satisfied for sure.  







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If you're not getting it in the back glass i don't think it's the air. One thing that jumps out is you don't spray the window after cleaning. I know that if i don't spray the window good i will get contamination similar to what you are speaking. Another thing that jumps to mind if you can push them out is maybe not pushing enough water out. Maybe change your blue max out. Also what June if slip are you using? I feel the not saying the window before could definitely be a contributing factor though. Spray it well before hand. Flash top to bottom but don't spray the top edge. Hope this helps.

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