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Chameleon car window film

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I don't think anyone in the U.S is pushing this type of tint film yet. If so, it's probably a gamble as far as longevity. Wholesalers in China are selling rolls of the stuff in different shades but I dunno who manufacturers it.


Got a few pics off a Russian website. Pretty neat stuff but would be an instant citation from a police officer if used on a windshield here. :D







Compared to the PPG Choma Windshield that never took off of obvious reasons. Some guy got a hold of a legit PPG Windshield back in 07' or so and took a few pics. Pretty cool.






Not trying to promote anything, i'm just "that guy".


I bet you could make a fortune if you have a tint shop in Beverly Hills, every rapper would want this #$%@ on their car.


On a positive note, I read somewhere that the IR rejection is pretty good for a film that seems so decorative.  Longevity, is the real concern as no one knows.


Reminds me of those old Chevy Venture Windshields with the antenna RF material layer that gave it that subtle purple reflectivity.



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