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Suntek's Industry Leading Customer Service Stikes Again

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Those of you currently using Suntek are probably already aware of how good their customer service is, but this time they blew me away! 


 A few weeks ago, one of my accounts dealer traded a car to Texas off the showroom we had filmed for them to sell off of.  It had been there at least three weeks and at least 50 jobs were sold off this car. 


Thursday I get a call from the guy that purchased the car in out of state wanting his money back.  He wasn't happy because the back of the hood wasn't wrapped,.. headlights, side markers, and badge not removed and wrapped.   Suntek stepped in, found a local installer  to do whatever he needed to get this resolved.  Thank you both, truly above and beyond what I was expecting.


In nearly 15 years of doing ppf, I have never had a film manufacturer step in on my behalf, and I've dealt with nearly all of them.  Not only did they step in, but they cleaned up this mess to the point where basically all I did was make the initial phone call to Hillary.  I'm used to covering my own butt and was totally prepared to do so in this case as well, but they handled it for me.  Unbelievable!


Those of you who haven't tried their film are doing your customers and yourself an injustice.  Not only is the Suntek film the best film on the market in my opinion, but the customer service blows the rest away by far.


Anyone on Austin Texas looking for what has to be the worlds best installs (if they made this guy happy, there's not doubt) look no farther than Sunbusters.


Thanks again to everyone at Suntek and especially Paul at Sunbuster who had to deal with this situation.  You all ROCK!

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WOW that's great! I'v been using SunTek PPF for almost three years now and have been very happy with their product and customer service. Everyone at the southwest office is always on the ball with anything and everything I need!


My rep Brittney is one of the best reps I'v ever dealt with in my 25 years in this industry!


:beer  to SunTek!

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Interesting and good to see you had a good outcome!


I think ive mentioned it before but it always comes down to the Rep a lot of the time and yet bad experiences people always put down to the label/product. I had an issue with Avery here in Australia but rather than put it down to Avery I switched distributors to a new rep and boom, complete 180!


Suntek PPF is fairly new here in Aus, purchased a kit for a Subaru Outback, Bumper didn't align properly bonnet was wrong. Seemed to come down to possibly the Outbacks in the states came out with a different bumper. Sent pics to our Suntek rep here and she said she will get it to the designer asap. A week passed and I contacted them, apologies and said would get back asap. 2 weeks later and still no reply, needless to say the customer got sick of waiting and walked. Asked for a refund and was given it so I guess that's a plus....


Again that is a reflection of the rep rather than the company itself so I wont harp on Suntek, just a shame in my case....

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