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Is this damage from a heat gun?

Guest eddie10

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I got my Honda Accord tinted recently and noticed bubbling and cracking on the door, on top of the window. The plastic liner that is on top of the window. A little hard to explain. Hopefully the pictures help, the camera sucks so I will take better ones later.


Here are two pictures that hopefully better describe the issue.




Any suggestions on what I should do? I'm pretty bummed right now that I have something more to deal with.

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Just went outside and took a look again. There is nothing to see from the other side. At first I thought it might be from someone trying to pry the door open, but the damage looks more like bubbling and subsequent cracking, rather than someone taking a screwdriver to it or something.


I think I should just let it go. Talked with the tint company and they said they don't take apart the doors, and I also don't think it is from the heat gun. So I guess the only other explanation is that it was there already and I somehow didn't notice until now. I can't blame them unless I knew for sure they did it. There is a good chance it might have already been there.


Just wondering if that could happen during the process of tinting a window.

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Good call TTS.  That sucks someone is trying to jack your ride.   :evileye



Some garages keep a kit like this (under lock and key, ideally) - to bail them out when they lock the keys in a car.

Amusement parks, parking garages, etc...extremely common....easily abused if in the wrong hands.

I need one for my wife.  (ouch did I say that - lol)



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