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#1 By: WearTheFoxHat

"Weeding White Vinyl for 36" x 84" Glass door inserts.

This was the first panel.

IF the site allows I'll get some finished pics"


#2 By: Ultra Tinter

"Sign on the wall of our new Workshop. "


#3 By: ocalastinter

"T-shirts can pay for themselves. My boss stopped into a local sub shop to pick up lunch. While he was waiting on his sandwich, the guy who owns this Vette, noticed his work shirt and starting asking questions about auto tinting. Next thing I know, I am getting a call from this guy stating that he just talked with my boss and was told told to call me at the shop. I explained the film options to him and sold him Formula One Pinnacle 30 all the way around on his new 2014 Corvette."


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you got my vote Bigfoot :thumb



BF grunted "thanks" :thumb

Bigfoot getting beat out by a sign? I saw the video of Bigfoot losing his temper that fox posted. Might be in all of our best interest not to tick off Bigfoot :lol


:lol :lol


If he ever figures out how to use the internet for evil ..  .. ..  ..  ...It will be messy.

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