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Pattern Question from new guy

Guest GT2RS

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New to the industry and had a few questions regarding pattern software for cutting.  


Am in Asian market so some cars here aren't available in USA.  Also I believe most providers here offer full hood cut.  Am just starting off on a small scale basis and would like to keep costs at a minimum without sacrificing print quality, it's preciseness, and of course the variety of cars I can choose from in any market.  


I am aware that most companies like expel, suntek, durashield have their own pattern cuts and costs but have seen independent ones that are much cheaper...


Am also down to selecting product how would you rank the following:


1.  suntek 

2.  expel

3.  3M

4.  Durashield


Guess would be overall experience as price is already addressed.



Appreciate any real experience feedback.  The forum excellent and seems to be filled with seasoned pros.  Really looking forward to your input so if possible reduce my initial learning curves to the minimum.






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Hello all!


Thankfully stumbled on this great site.  Just as an intro am new to the industry, and trying to learn as much as I can absorb.  I just became a member today and tried to post earlier but somehow didn't go thru.  Hope this one does.


As an added service to our shop we are going into paint protection film to add to our product line.  We are trying to still determine what would be the best product given costs and deals offered and maybe I may get to that on a separate thread.


Our main questions lie also with the sourcing of patterns for the cars.  We are in Asia and some cars here aren't offered in the USA market though the US market would cover maybe 90+ percent of that.  We spoke with several large brands and know they offer their patterns but for fees that are higher then the outsourced ones like in patterns.com.


My questions are :


Would you suggest using a different pattern cutting company if our intention is to keep costs at a minimum?


Also seems our market is more on full hoods rather then non full. 


If YES which pattern companies would you recommend?



Appreciate the valuable exchange of information here from real PROS , looking forward tot he feedback gents!





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Film and vinyl designs offers decent economy, great support and full pattern modification . I usually design my own and scan them in, as the economical aspect isn't as important to me. Pricing is very fair. They are based out of Texas. Phone support and remote support have both been used over the past couple of years. All techs seem very nice and patient. They even remotely removed malware that Norton missed, when it was interfering with the updates. Nice team down there!

They offer very few full panel cuts, which is fine. Bulk goods offer some forgiveness when it comes to stretching and tucking.

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Both he 3M & Xpel patterns are good with a lot of stress releases and seam areas cut or notched out so you know where you need to be. Both of those systems allow to edit the kits as you see fit. It's a continual process to get the kits where you want, the first kit you do you'll know where you or where you don't want want film and can edit the kit to your liking.

Don't have any Durashield experience so I'd rate them as follows

1. Xpel: Ultimate

2. Suntek

3. 3M

4. Durashield

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