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New to the forum! Not to the field


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This is my first post. Just wanted to say hello to everyone! I love the forum! I have been reading it for a little over a year now. Finally decided to make an account. Dont ask why it took so long lol

Little about me. Im 23 years old, been my dads tint helper on weekends and summers since i was 10 years old. First just picked up papers off thr floor untill i was about 13. Ive worked beside him at a handfull of shops. Some doing 5-6 cars a day and some shops doing up to 20-25 cars a day. Ive had a chance to see alot in my years. I still have ALOT to learn. But am happy to say I can tint on my own now. My dad has a shop here in lancaster CA, hes been tinting since 1988, hes 48 now.

Any ways! Just wanted to say I love the forum! You guys are great! I thought I was alone for years lol great info on here guys! Im glad this forum exists! ????

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Yea lol I love it! I was going to school to be a graphic artist. But when I started big photoshop and illustrator projects I realized I hated it. When I started doing full cars by myself I realized I loved to tint more than I ever knew I did.

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