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The big problem with dots, dust.


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I can not cope with the dots on the glass.I starch windows, wash several times, wash in near the door, I try not to touch anything. Despite this, the white dots always appear under the film. I think it's the dust. What am I doing wrong?

ps. Please use simple language :)

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Hi Rustin,

Don't let it upset you.

It can take a number of years to get to a point where you get a near flawless result.


1 suggestion I have is to avoid spraying the top of the glass once you have cleaned it. Also, be sure to use filtered water.


Check out Stan's DVD's also, that should save you from losing too much hair from stress.  Keep trying! And trying! :thumb


If you want to be good, then it will happen. If you want to learn it for a quick buck.. You will be gone in 60 seconds..

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That's hard to determine without looking at it in person. It could be dust dirt felt any number of things really. Yes flush the window first. Start at the top on one side. Flush that gasket,flush across the bottom, up the other side, then actors the top leaving about a 1/4 inch gap from the top of the glass pushing the water down to the bottom. If you're peeling half liner and sticking once top is done lift film and do the same steps about half way the window.

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Lol good old days this is the difference between a good job and bad job there's one most important thing and its to use a rag to wipe down everything I put windows all the way down and wipe everything

Mate you need to use a scraper blade aswell and you will hear the dirt comes off

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if you have any air movement and the shop is not super clean then you are likely getting dust out of the air....


The water you are using can cause contamination, "dots", as can the film you are using.  It may not be the best film and have contamination in it from the factory....


You can also get dust coming from the headliner or seats of the car or even your skin and clothing!


Have to learn to handle the film and the environment to get the job done clean.

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I was having the same problem with small dots, if you haven't changed you solution, do it! I just got tint slime and that stuff is awesome. Reduced any dots by about 80%. also of course go threw all you cleaning, squeegee and such, but tint slime does do the job. 

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