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What brand tint will match factory privacy glass the best on Ram?

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I have 2014 Ram and want to tint the front windows to match the back.  What tint will match the best?   I'm not as concerned about the % as I am about the color tone maching from inside and outside.  I had a Nissan tinted and the and the tints looked green from the inside and it drove me nutz because I had three different colors to look through between the clear windshield, green side windows, and brownish rear windows.  I want a good match from the inside as well this time.

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I have a great match to factory color with Global HP.  The external reflection is just slightly higher with the HP.  I am sure the QDP would be an even more perfect match.  Looking out you would never know it was different.  I always look at something white to compare and it is so spot on for almost every factory vehicle....


Other films match well too but I don't use anything else.

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I don't see any "roll" in film.  I don't use a ton of 5% at this point....


I do know that the mannies measure film curl when running it and it is meant to be a certain amount... Also moisture and heat and other things can make it have a memory of the core and thus roll more than it would if very fresh.


Only have had one roll that i didn't like the curl on with Global in the 7 years I have used it... can't say that about the first film I used!

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