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graphtec blades needed

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I had an emergency late one Friday a couple weeks ago and needed a new blade ASAP for my FC8600-160.  Checked around locally to no avail so I called Xpel and they overnighted me a blade and had me up and running by ten the next morning.  The plotter came with blade part # CB09UB-1 but I was sent PBG09-45 so I was a little concerned it might not work but it fit just fine and now I think the plotter is cutting better than it did when new. 


Not sure what the difference is but I'm happy with the customer service for sure on this one. 

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A lot of people manufacture these blades.  We tested a multitide and found that the PBG09-45 blades performed as well as the Graphtec blades that were 2-3 times more expensive.  There were plenty of others that were not high quality, as mentioned above. 

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You can always order factory blades from your supplier but I have had real good luck with the company below and they offer just about any blade as well as the ability to send your used blades in to be sharpened.  I hope this helps and please use as a resource as they have been a good find and good customer service.




Thank you,


Todd Bergman

Interwest Distribution

Authorized 3M Distributor & Training Facility

1-800-232-8468 / 303-777-4455

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