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**NEW** 70% Ceramic Film from SolarfX Window Films


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We are pleased to announce our **NEW** 70% Ceramic Window Film. This product has been in development for a while and is now in stock and shipping. This film has turned out beyond our expectations. With its beautiful light bluish hue to its stellar performance, our 70% FXtreme Ceramic film will give your customers the highest level of comfort in their cars in a very light colored film. The specs on the film speak for itself:


VLT% 70

TSEt% 35

TSEa% 58

TSEr% 7


UV Rejection >99

GR% 24

TSER% 48 (yes, that is correct)


We already have one TintDudian that has purchased some of this product and is in route to him now. I'm sure he will share his thoughts here after using the film.


As always, if you have any questions please give me a call at 800-825-3746.


Shawn Vogler

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