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What's your way or some ideas on informing new customers/strangers


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Nowadays how I feel the public see 's window tinting the first thought that pops in their head is a young kid with 5% super dark windows wrapped around their whole car.. what's a way to explain and or sell a job to people who are virtually "against" window tinting until you show them Say a 70% film? Hard to word what I'm trying to say kinda..



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jus explain all the benefits of it.....if they are calling you for the tint you shouldnt have to talk them into it as they called you and already know they want it....show them different shades, or show them your own personal car thats what i always do

thats what my neighbor told me when i told him years ago i wanted to get into window tinting. he is the president of a local classic car and hot rod car club and he said "nobody is gonna want tint, thats high school stuff" wow was he wrong.......that was another lesson that taught me some people seem so sure of themselves and in the end are so wrong....dont let someone do the thinking for you

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Hey Drew, I like to use the "sunglasses" reference.  Almost everybody wears sunglasses and window can be sold and explained by using the cheap and good sunglasses as an example of the benefits.  This has really helped in selling residential film.  Cheap sunglasses can hurt your eyes and be blurry and give you headaches, but a good pair of higher dollar glasses can be much more beneficial and clearer and more comfortable.This can also be used in shading examples also.  


I think I see what you are driving at with trying to explain tint to people who are generally un-informed but are interested in trying it.  Sometimes to many choices can make the decision more difficult, especially with people who don't know all the ins-and outs of window tint.  I just try to feel out the conversation and try to be as simple as possible with each individual.  


I hope this helps a little.  Good luck!

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