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Hey, just saw the thread on GTA and thought...who else games and whats your platform and games of choice?


for me I own



a pretty great gaming PC used mostly for tintdude, facebook and porn <_>


I hardly use the PS4 cause there is piss all games out on it, PS3 I use mainly for it's exclusives and the souls series


PC I use to replay the souls series and any other game that steam puts on 75% off.


Demon/Dark souls are my games of choice, well over 400 hours sunk into them.


If any of you are gamers and have accounts feel free to add me

PS3/4 - mothhop

steam/origin - mothhop


creature of habit with my user name

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I have an xbox 360 that i used alot. Put a new disc drive and a sick paintjob on. Thats now in the bedroom and used primarily for netflix. Also have an xbox one which i play cod and just recently "destiny"

I also have a somewhat basic dual core pc with a tricked out graphics card that i use for strategy games and pirating movies haha.

Big fan of elder scrolls series and fallout series. Thousands of hours wrapped up in them.

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These days we have a PS3 in the house, and several PC's.


I'm down to just playing  games like Urban Terror on the PC - simple shoot-em-up brainless game that I can enjoy.    :lol


Sons play all the usual stuff - armaholic and whatnot. gta etc.


I started on Zork.   :facepalm2

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Zork... wow... memories there!!


Have a PS3... play GTA - some... Need4Speed Rivals... less then some.


Decent PC... right now I've been playing The Sims4... 


Don't have much time to game... I normally play for a few weeks.. then the fun kindof dies off until something else catches my eye. :shrugs:


Used to be a huge CS/CSGO player... but even that has died off for me. 

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