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Reverse roll commercial windows


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I have two windows 55 by 90 that I have to tint. The other windows that were 34 by 70ish I rolled up in a dowel and dropped it. That worked great. These windows not so much. So a couple questions I have on the reverse roll for these.

1 is it OK to have the film overlapping on both sides or do I need to line up the top and one edge?

2 liner in or out? There seems to be some debate on this.

3 being that size do i need squeegee as I go?

Thanks for any help guys.

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When I do a reverse roll, I make sure when I roll it up,the liner is facing up. If using a DA film you shouldn't have to use a dowel, just snap it down and the film should drop where you need it. If using a PS film, you can always start to unroll it, anchor the top or the side and slowly unroll it by hand onto the window. 

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