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Anyone know this film?


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So 1 and a half years ago we tested different films on friends cars and at the time we did my mates car in either suntek hp 38 or mep stealth 35 (this was for entry level film relax :P), he came back and within a year and a half the film was


completely rooted, it faded to 50% vlt and delaminated unbelievably, to the point where if you were to run your hands along the film it just felt like sand paper, had barely any hard coating at all left and overall looked terrible.





questions is, has anyone seen what either of these films look like faded, st hp has a blue hue to it and the faded film had a green hue to it but its hard to say cause its nothing like it was in the beginning, we think its stealth because it looks


similiar to it , especially where it tucks under the rubber which is less faded. but would like to know your opinion on this, we have hp as a entry lvl film, pretty sure no ones ever bought it cause everyone just wants the top of the range film,


would hate to have a custy come back with a faded car, would be highly embarrassing lol.




would love some peace of mind guys :P.


any small chance of getting a pic of these films faded? :D.

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