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So, I have done several estimates recently for residential and commercial jobs and haven't closed any of them. I'm becoming quite frustrated. I have no idea if my prices are in line with the competition. I do know that one of my competitors bad mouths every one else....recently told a customer that my tint will turn people in just a few months. And wouldn't go to the other shop because llumar is going out of business. Lol

Anyway, what's the best way to phone shop my competition for flat glass? I usually tell my customers I need to see it to give accurate estimate. I'm assuming they'd say the same if I call asking how much per sqft.

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I never worry about the "competition" pricing.  I don't have much of that anyway but when I do I still price where I need to price or want to price.  I started out and tried to be a bit cheaper but quickly began to try and be the same or higher. 


I think you should never try to be the lower price but always try to be the same or higher...always reach for that higher mark!

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My serious advice is, get a woman to sell film for you.  Im not kidding.  My wife averages over 80% in closing deals, and that isn't because she talks about window film.  I will admit, this works better for residential tinting, but she does very well in the commercial market as well, close to 70%.

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