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Issue with SunTek FG not staying down... suggestions?


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Did a job a few months ago.. it was a sunny day if I remember. Was there in the morning. 


Day later, customer said one window had a corner that didn't stick. (SYDS25) 


Went back and replaced the film.


Got another call about another window... same issue. (UVLDS40) 


Now.. I don't know how long it's been up.. my guess is since it's been a couple months, it's not new. Just unnoticed. Which is fine... people don't look at their windows all the time.


So I'm going to go back and replace that one as well.


Did a bunch of other windows with those two films.. on both sides of the house... and they are fine. So I don't think it's the film/roll specifically... or else it would be more then just those two.


I normally use J&J for my slip...


And since I don't get paid to fix 'mistakes' like this - I really, really try not to have them happen. And honestly, I can't even remember the last time I got a call for film that didn't stay down. 



In an effort to make this be my last trip there... any suggestions?? 



Fortunately, the customer is ok with it all... but I feel bad. I don't want them to think they are just going to have problems here on out. 




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I have to use 5 drops of ultra joy in 0 ppm filtered water for suntek flat glass. I understand that my water is different than yours but I guess I mean use the least amount of soap you can. This is the biggest issue I have with the suntek FG films.Can't pull the gaskets and replace ?

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I haven't had any curling issues with Suntek for about 4 years now. I started adding more soap and not hammering every single last drop of water on my final pass. Seemed to fix my issues, even in full/direct sun. :dunno if it's the correct way but it's worked for me.

Probably worth trying an adhesive promotor if it continues though. :twocents

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I've had ulvds and sylrds both curl up like that. Minimal slip like suggested, but also try not to use the factory edge, out of the box against the end caps it gets 'bruised' and doesn't lay down well.

Some rolls are definitely more prone to curl also, I used 5 separate boxes on a large Resi job and had heaps of probs with one of them. I used an adhesive promoter just under the bottom edge on that one , it was the only fix that day that worked. Shouldn't have to though, I was cursing ST for a while over that one.

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