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Front quarter windows

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Cut your first pattern exact to the outside of the glass with a scrap piece of film. Double up a couple pieces of film that you plan on installing on the front quarter windows with the release liner facing opposite from each other so you can actually cut the drivers side and passenger side at the same time. Use the pattern you just cut from the scrap piece of film and cut it out on the film you intend to install but make it about a 1/16" to a 1/8" bigger so you can avoid light gaps. You can always mark and save the original pattern for the next car of the same make and model in the future.

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I oversize mine by just a bit. Once I have my window clean, and ready to install the film. I peel most of the liner off, but leave the most open corner still in place.

This makes the small piece easier to handle from a to b. Once I start to fit the film to the glass, I will then peel the rest of the liner away. Quickly work the film into where I want it to stay. Then start by tacking down the corner I had left the liner in place on. This area of the film will have less slip under it, and tack almost instantly. Once I have done this I will work the slip out of the rest of the window.

I use this technic on almost all small windows.

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When in doubt I cut ONE front 1/4 to exact size. Then I try to install it. If I see a light gap on any edge I will recut the pattern and bump it towards one edge very, very slightly. Then I try to install the slightly bigger one. It's trial and error. Usually you'll have enough scrap piece from your front door to pattern and few and find out which one fits the best.

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