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Too tired to even nuke leftovers....


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So I was watching someone on Twitch last nite... and he said he had just gotten home from work and wasn't going to game... said he was beat and just wanted to hang out with everyone.


He went to get something to eat... came back with it and someone asked what he was eating... I forget what it was... but he said he was eating it cold. (It was already cooked - leftovers from another meal) He said he was too tired to wait for it to nuke in the microwave.


Has life gotten so hectic that waiting 90 seconds for food to heat up is too much?!?! lol


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While I've eaten plenty of cold food (that is normally hot when consumed) in my life... which I'm sure will happen again.... food that should be eaten warm just has more flavor then if you eat it cold.


That alone is a good reason to wait 90 seconds to reheat something.


But.. I guess that's what it's like when you've always had a microwave... I remember our first one and thought it was just incredible how fast we could cook/heat food now... popping popcorn in 3-4 min?!! w0w! awesomesauce. :)

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Sorry, I'll take left over cold "supreme" pizza any day of the week if I am tired or not.

Im the same way...although, if I am allowed to keep the pizza on the counter over night, I prefer to eat it "cold" the next morning.  If my wife puts it in the fridge, I give it a 15 sec nuke.


Most any other leftovers, I eat cold.  I hate the taste of reheated chicken and beef (steak), and love cold spaghetti and grilled onions.  

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