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Finally got out from under people and into my own shop again!!


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It feels good to be working for myself again. I have had the shop up and running since Jan 1. Its had some slow days for sure but I am really happy with the way its been going. I just need to figure out how to get busier. I have big sandwich boards out by the road that says window tint and window tinting open on sundays. When im not doing anything at work im hitting the used car lots all up and down the area, passing out flyers and business cards. I have revamped my online listings and im trying my best to get every customer to leave a review. In the next few weeks im meeting with a website guy and I will finally have a website. I miss the 10-15 car days of yesteryear..Anywho if anyone has any really good marketing ideas lmk plz. I have a coupon coming out on the Jets Pizza menus, I'm also all over craigslist. If I could get a minimum of two cars per day i would be able to climb out of this hole im in. Aside form hiring my ex to hold a sign in front of my shop im at a loss. Thanks in advance.

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Nice man!!  I am slowly heading that direction too... Naples hu?  I may visit you then. 


one good tool is to advertise on FB pages that belong to Communities in the area.  Join their group and normally they have a vendors page... there you are allow to post your deals etc..  There is one page I belong to that allows you 3 ads per month.  

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