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Need help with Dodge / Jeep


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Most Rams lift off instead of unclip.

Chargers, its easiest to remove the panel but don't unplug anything, unclip the gasket from the panel from behind (window down), push the panel back into place on the bottom only to hold it, install your film, install the sweep, and push the panel back on. Do one and it will make sense.

These are the first things that come to mind.

Other than that, just look through these forums you will find all the info you need about each vehicle.

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Pull the seals on everything but chargers. Keep steel wool on hand for defroster lines. The third brake light on the '15 charger was changed as well as the whole glass its no longer necessary to use a 10 mill wrench to take it out, it is easily pulled back unless you don't tint over the third light in which case its has a matrix border that does not require messing with the light at all. 

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