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DOORS-Double cut, double shrink-wet snap-final shrink


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That's how I do my doors. Unless it's a frameless door or has an abnormal curve, because I like to cut those individually to make sure the edges are nice and tight. Here's how it goes-

Wet door. Wipe down with a rag. Rewet door. Lay first piece of film on door glass liner down. Wet film then lay second piece liner up. Blue max the majority of the window to make sure both pieces of film are stuck to each other. Cut bottom. Cut front. Slide forward approx 1/4"-3/8". Use blue max to set the window in place. Cut the back edge starting at the bottom and going upward til almost the top(about 1-1.5" from top). Pull film back and rewet. Slide back so the film is slightly over the back edge. Also slide down so film is slightly over the bottom edge. Use blue max to set the film on the window, usually a left to right stroke going about 10-12" across the upper portion of the tint. Lift bottom edge of film off the glass and hold it off the glass as you roll the window down approx 3-4". Begin on the top edge, as close the TOP LEFT edge of the door glass as possible, then run your olfa along the top edge, cutting the top door glass edge from left to right. Pull scrap piece off and away from the tear. Use blue max to squeegee out the remainder of water under the top edge. Transfer to peel board. Tack down. Round corners. Wet window and put both layers back onto door glass, bottom edge about .5-1" above bottom seal. Squeegee all fingers and slack from the top middle portion of the glass, towards the back and down the sides/then from the top middle portion of the glass towards the front and towards the bottom-causing all fingers to now be on bottom. Begin shrinking with hard card. Shrink out all fingers using slightly more heat than on a single piece of film. Now pull bottom edge up about 3-4". Wet underneath it. Tack front/back edges down and shrink the entire bottom edge again. Done.

I've been using this technique for a really long time with much success. If any of my descriptions aren't clear or anyone has any questions feel free to ask. Or if anyone has any better suggestions plz feel free to post them up!

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Yes. Whether you're shrinking a single piece or two pieces at once-double shrinking or "snapping" the bottom edge really helps. It takes a whopping 8-10 seconds longer and can completely eliminate any fingers popping up once the film is installed. And fingers on the inside can very easily suck up felt or a number of contaminants and end up under the tint.

I shrink EVERY door on the outside. Even if it looks like it doesn't need it. That extra bit of time doesn't really matter to me, but that extra bit of dirt/felt under the tint DOES matter to me.

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ALSO-make sure when you do your final install for the lower portion of the door that you're starting from the center bottom-then squeegee towards the front of the door...then center bottom and squeegee towards the back of the door. That's making the film pull taught across the bottom edge instead of leaving it slack. (Did that make sense?lol)

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You should be able to shrink them fine single. I actually like that better. Try pushing some extra fingers in it with your hand. Also like black wolf said start at the center and push straight down. Do not go side to side. That can cause fingers to pop up.

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True. I've just never learned how to pull sweeps or panels. So for me the added time, and it would be a lot, isn't warranted. If it was something I did on a daily basis and was competent at it I would probably do that as well.

And by "double shrink" in the title I meant shrinking two pieces of film at the same time.

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