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How would you guys do this?

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looks good from here... as long as it don't flap around in the wind as that can be noisy

Haha i hope it doesnot! :-)

Damn it is rely hard with ppf installs, the film is not that easy to work with as you guys makes it look! :-(

The films that you use, is it air release in it?

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Hi all!, i think i will stay in this thread and keep asking questions.

I have installed some hoods, but i am not satisfied with my work, in the last install i used a small portal tabel to have the tools on.

But, when i use a card i can notice small scratches. And when i use a roller it leavs small bubbels.

What tools do you guys use for installing ppf film?

Or is it impossible to have 100% perfect install with NO bubbels or micro scratches?

Or is it needed a correction after installation?

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